BSAVA Manual of Reptiles (British Small Animal Veterinary Association)

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This is an updated edition of the very solid BSAVA Manual of Reptiles, a fat book with a wealth of information. There is a lot of information on husbandry which is useful both for vets trying to find out the cause of diseases, and for owners who want to keep their reptiles in good health. The information on nutrition is especially useful. The new edition has more illustrations including colour photos, and more information on different topics, including neonatal care. Much of the second part of this book is likely to be mainly of interest to vets, since it deal with more technical issues like anaesthesia and surgery. However, it does allow those responsible for reptiles to have informed discussions with their vets. The information on infectious diseases and parasitology is particularly relevant to people responsible for large collections of reptiles. There are also appendices with tables for dosages, symptoms, and there is safety advice on handling poisonous snakes and lizards.