100 Top Consultations in Small Animal General Practice

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This book is geared to newly graduated vets, but it is also useful for anyone interested in small animal veterinary issues, including veterinary nurses, animal care and other students, and anyone responsible for small animals such as cats, dogs and rabbits. It is essentially a practical reference book, designed to be easily accessible, with colour photos and diagrams to make diagnoses easier. The focus is on the most common problems that vets see, so the problems that owners are most likely to encounter. You can look up both symptoms, such as rashes or diarrhoea, and diseases, such as epilepsy or diabetes. There is also a discussion of costs, which is useful for non-vets. All too often owners complain that not all options have been explained to them, and that at times vets do not mention more expensive options, assuming that the client is unwilling to pay. However, sometimes tests can save money and animals' lives, by allowing for a more accurate and rapid diagnosis, rather than persisting with inappropriate treatments based on guesswork. This book is especially useful for owners of more valuable small animals such as working dogs, in that it helps with decisions on whether or not to call a vet, and allows them to have informed discussions with their vets.