Black’s Veterinary Dictionary

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This is a new edition of a classic which is especially useful for anyone who is responsible for different types of animals, and is also a handy reference book for vets, veterinary nurses, and animal care students. It is easy for non-vets to follow, so is very useful for people who want more understanding than the average home vet book can provide. Black’s Veterinary Dictionary can help pet owners prevent disease, as well as helping them tackle problems once they arise. There is advice on good husbandry, and the book can help you to prevent problems from becoming serious by allowing you to spot symptoms of illness early on. The information on diagnosis and treatment can help with decisions on whether or not to call a vet, and with understanding what your vet is telling you. This is also a useful book for smallholders, since it covers a wife range of veterinary topics, including bird flu, and problems affecting goats and pigs. The new edition has been updated, and includes information on the Pet Travel Service for owners going abroad with their pets.