Where to Watch Birds in Southern and Western Spain: Andalucia, Extremadura and Gibraltar

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This guide covers some of the richest birdwatching territory in Europe, both coastal regions, and some of the less well known inland parts of Spain. Andalucia has long fascinated Britons, following in the footsteps of Gerald Brenan.

Extremadura is well worth exploring during the spring and autumn, though is best avoided in the high summer due to the intense heat! Extremadura is a region of Spain which is rich in wildlife, and is of especial interest to those who love birds of prey. The terrain includes mountains, plains, arid areas and rivers, forests and bleak, sun-scorched expanses which seem incapable of sustaining life, and yet, if you look upwards, you can see hovering birds of prey. Village rubbish tips are often good birdwatching sites, as are some of the more breathtakingly beautiful mountainous locations. Both authors live in Spain, and their local knowledge and enthusiasm shine through as they guide readers on a fascinating journey round the south and wild west of Spain.