Birdsong: 150 British and Irish birds and their amazing sounds

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Birdsong: 150 British and Irish Birds and Their Amazing Sounds, is a book which will appeal for people who like to watch birds in their gardens, and who travel by car to see birds. It is too bulky to carry if you are walking, but has the great advantage that you can listen to birds out in the open, with no need for a CD player. The book is well illustrated, so you can identify birds by appearance as well as by sound. The 150 birds include many birds of prey, as well as sea birds, and common garden birds, including migrants. There is a lot of information on when, and why birds sing, which helps with understanding bird behaviour. Sometimes their songs are to attract a mate, other times they want to see off intruders in their territory, for example.

Birdsong is not quite as comprehensive as the RSPB Complete Birds of Britain and Europe, nor is the recording quality of Birdsong quite as good, however, it does offer a deeper understanding to why birds sing, and you can use it out of doors, so it is a very useful supplement to the RSPB guide. It's also handy if you don't own a CD player, because it is easy to use, in fact much easier than a CD player if you want to pick and choose the songs you listen to. Great fun for people who want to know more about Birdsong.