Why Does My Parrot?


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Rosemary Low has a wealth of experience with parrots, both with her own pets, and as a curator for public parrot collections. Here, she has written a clear guide to parrot behaviour and psychology, which helps explain why some parrots develop behavioural problems, and how you can build up a good relationship with your parrot. The emphasis is on preventing problems from arising, though she also helps you tackle annoying habits that your parrot may have developed.

Parrots can get bored easily, and the type of environment you give your parrot, and how you interact with him or her both affect how your parrot behaves. Much of the book uses a question and answer format to deal with typical problems encountered by parrot owners, and their solutions. There's also background information on how parrots behave in the wild, which helps a lot with understanding what makes them tick. The best time to read this book is before you decide whether or not to take on a parrot. 'Why Does My Parrot ...? gives a clear idea of the commitment involved, and helps you to understand your parrot's needs, an understanding which forms the basis for a good relationship.