Incubating Pekin bantam eggs

Low temperatures in an incubator can lead to chicks with deformed legs

source: Victoria Roberts
Country Smallholding August 2002 p19

Newly hatched chicks may suffer from deformed legs if eggs are incubated at temperatures that are too low. This may happen when hens leave eggs for too long, and if incubator temperatures are not correct. The incubator temperature should be 37.7 deg C or 100 deg F, taken using a thermometer on the top of the egg. Temperatures at the egg may be too cool if 37.7 deg C is only achieved in the top parts of incubators rather than lower down where eggs are located. Incubators should also be thoroughly cleaned with Virkon after use, since bacteria breed fast in incubators. Too high humidity levels should be avoided, since this can slow hatching.