Bird Watching for Cats - An entertainment guide for indoor felines

bird watching

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Its well known that indoor cats can sometimes suffer from boredom and this book aims to help you brighten up their lives by setting up bird tables and feeders right outside the windows to provide an ever-changing view. The book states that cats will be able to satisfy their hunting and stalking instincts without harming any birds, but I do have slight reservations about this. There is no doubt that cats will be fascinated by the actions of birds so close to hand, but its possible the cat could make a sudden dart at the window pane and end up with more than just a bad headache! Nevertheless, the concept of keeping indoor cats entertained in this way is a good one, but with some degree of caution. There are some lovely photographs and the book would equally be of interest to keen gardeners and bird watchers. 

Review by Gillian Harvey