Siamese Cat (Pet Love) [Hardcover]


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Siamese cats have presence. They are very elegant, and look as though they were designed to be painted or photographed. They are long, rather than large cats, with long heads and bodies, and short, sleek coats that show up their fine lines. Their eyes and a piercing blue, and can mesmerise humans. These cats have often been compared to dogs, in that they like to be with their owners and communicate with them, and have even been taken out on leads. Siamese cats know that they are not dogs, however, and tend to treat the family mutt with disdain! These cats like to be up high, so can knock things off shelves. They benefit from an enclosed area in the garden or apartment balcony if they are kept indoors, and like to have objects like tree trunks to climb.

Denise Jones has written a delightful book about Siamese cats, starting with an account of their origins in Thailand and their later popularity in Europe. The book covers the breed's characteristics, as well as all the main aspects of choosing and caring for a Siamese cat. It is well illustrated both with illustraitions to help understand the text, and some lovely 'pin up' shots of Siamese cats.