Persian Cats (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) [Paperback]

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Persian cats are very popular. They are gentle cats which like company, but they aren't usually pushy when they want affection. They are usually much more calm and relaxed with both dogs and children than most other breeds. They aren't very noisy, and are less likely to knock objects off high shelves than many breeds.

Persians also come in some wonderful colours, including tabbies and Himalayans, as well as the more familiar solid silver or white cats, which appear in chocolate box images.

What are the downsides of this lovely breed? They do need a lot of grooming, and will readily mat if they aren't groomed regularly. They can pick up all sorts of debris if they are outdoor cats, though this is one breed which seems perfectly content to live indoors, with a cat run to be able to take the sun.

Persians are also less able to defend themselves in cat fights compared to the average moggy, or a more robust breed like a Maine Coon or even a British Short Hair, so it's kinder to give them some protection if you live in an area with a high cat population density. Some people go so far as to fence their whole gardens with a mesh roof, to keep other cats out.

This book is an excellent introduction to Persian cats. It's a very good guide for novices, and there is a lot of good advice on general care, including grooming and health care. It's is a little short for people who already have experience of Persians, but it's an inexpensive book.