Burmese Cat (Pet Love)


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Burmese cats have many similarities with Siamese cats, and those found in Europe and the US have some Siamese blood. Their ears are smaller than those of Siamese cats, though, like Siamese, Burmese are very elegant cats. They are not aloof, tending to form strong bonds with their owners.

They are sometimes kept as indoor cats, and do need entertainment if they are kept indoors, and benefit from an enclosed area in the garden or apartment balcony. They are intelligent, and like company, so make good companions for people who are at home in the day, though they may come and sit on your work table, to 'help' you!

This is an up-to-date account account of the breed, which has useful help with general care, as well some good illustrations. There's also an interesting account of the history of the breed.