Birman Cat (Pet Love) [Hardcover]


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Birman cats are medium-sized, and have many of the advantages of Persians such as a tranquil nature and long fur, without their distressing tendency to mat. Birman cats' fur isn't as dense as that of Persian cats, and they have Siamese-type markings, with white feet, and strikingly blue eyes.

They can be very playful cats, but are content to watch the world much of the time. This tranquility means that they are suited for people who work at home, since they are less likely to help you on the computer, or get up to other mischief, in the way that a Bengal or Siamese might.

Kelsey-Wood's guide to the breed covers its history, personality, and care, such as feeding and grooming. It's well illustrated, and clearly written. As with most breed books, much of the advice is general to all cats, but this book does give readers good insights into this lovely breed.