Abyssinian Cat (Pet Love) [Hardcover]


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Abyssinian cats look like cats in Ancient Egyptian paintings, very elegant, with big ears, in some ways like a Siamese. They have other similarities with Siamese and Burmese cats, being people-oriented and companionable, yet also a little bossy, and not always wanting to be petted. They can develop strong bonds with their humans, and are very good at expressing their needs. These cats like exploring, and enjoy venturing onto high places, like shelves. They benefit from an enclosed area in the garden or apartment balcony, if you don't want them to be outdoor cats, and the enclosed space can include tree trunks for them to climb on, because they do like heights. They also love water, and are adept at catching goldfish!

Virginia N Tidwell's book explains the history of the breed, and gives advice on buying an Abyssinian, feeding, grooming, basic safety precautions, behaviour, training and health, including eye problems, and breeding.  There are also tips for people who want to exhibit their cats.