What makes your cat a killing machine

Factors affecting cats' ability to catch prey

source: James Allcock
Times February 1 2001 p9

All cats have an inbuilt desire and ability to stalk and catch prey. Some breeds are better hunters than others. Somalis, Burmese and Siamese cats like to be outdoors so have more time available hunting. Russian Blues prefer to be indoors. Breeds with long faces are better able to grasp prey, while flat-faced breeds like Persians cannot hold prey as easily. Most British cats are not pedigrees and their ability to hunt is linked to the way their mother brought them up. Feral cats hunt, but hungry cats do not hunt better than well-fed cats, since patience is needed for hunting, and well-fed cats are better able to be patient. Cats do not hunt any less if they are neutered, and can focus on hunting more if they are not distracted by sex.