Thereby hangs a tail

Debate on Munchkin cat breed

source: Sarah Hall
Guardian March 29 2002 p12

Animal welfare groups in Britain are concerned about the arrival of a new breed of cat, the Munchkin, which has very short legs. Cat Association of Great Britain director, Therese Clarke, sees the cats as similar to freaks of nature, and thinks it unfair to breed cats unable to hunt, climb and jump. Cat Fancy is also concerend, as is the British Small Animals Veterinary Association, which sees possible welfare and health implications arising from breeding animals that have extreme features in their anatomy. The importers of the cat, a couple from Essex, argue that the cats are normal, except for thier short legs, and vets say the breed has no apparent problems. Mucnhkins were developed in Louisiana in the early 1980s. Munchkin kittens are born when a Munchkin is mated with a normal cat.