Risk factors for development of chronic kidney disease in cats

Source: N.C. Finch, H.M. Syme, J Elliott
Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine  vol 30 no2,  March-April 2016, pp 602-10 

It is worth assessing risk factors linked to cats developing chronic kidney disease (CKD), because this can help achieve an earlier diagnosis, so early treatment to prevent more damage to the kidneys. This study combined data from questionnaires and clinical evaluations on 148 cats over nine years’ old. Twenty seven cats, or 18% of the total, developed CKD. There appears to be a link between dental disease and CKD, with the risk rising with the severity of dental disease. There also appears to be a link between frequent vaccinations and cats developing CKD. Cats with a possible genetic predisposition to CKD may suffer a decline in kidney function if they have a cumulative exposure to some risk factors.  More research is needed to assess how these factors may affect cats’ kidneys.