Urethral obstruction in a cat

Cat suffers urethral blockage

source: Martin Owen
Feline Advisory Bureau Volume 39 (3) 2001
starts page 90, 3 pages long

The case of a urethral blockage in a four-year-old male neutered cat, and the surgical treatment, is described. Although he cat had been fed an acidifying tinned diet for the previous 12 months it had suffered two episodes of urinary obstruction during that time. High levels of leucocytes, erythrocyte contamination and triple phosphate crystals were observed in the urine sample. Flushing cleared the obstruction and further x-rays showed a thickening of the bladder wall. A surgical perineal urethrostomy was undertaken to avoid further obstructions and the cat showed no signs of urinary incontinence or urinary tract disease four months after surgery. Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is a complicated disorder with many possible contributing factors, such as diet, inactivity, infections and urinary pH.