French Bulldog (Pet Love: Special Rare Breed Edition)


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French Bulldogs are the smallest of the bully breeds on this page, usually just a little smaller than Staffies. They look endearing with their bat-ears, big eyes and round foreheads They are generally affectionate, sweet natured and playful. French Bulldogs are easier to train and handle than most bully breeds. Like many bully breeds, they do need attention, and aren't dogs to leave alone all day, and they can also be headstrong.

Dogs of this breed often become more attached to one person in the household, while getting on well with the rest of the family. They tend to do very well in training if owners are consistent in making house rules clear from when the dogs are pups. French Bulldogs tend to get on better with older children, and are a little small for households with younger children, who might try to take liberties with them. They get on better with other dogs than do most bully breeds, though they can take a dislike to some other dogs, and socialization with other dogs is, of course, important.

These dogs don't need a lot of grooming, as a short-haired breed. They don't bark a lot, just enough to be good watchdogs, giving sharp barks to alert their owners when strangers appear. They aren't good guard dogs, since they are so small, and tend to be friendly with most people they meet.

Common health problems include eye trouble from their prominent eyes, and breathing trouble from their short muzzles, which can also mean they snore. Flatulence can also be a problem, and they should not be allowed to become overweight. Like most bully breeds, they are sensitive to both cold and heat, so may need a coat in winter, and should not be exercised in the heat of the day in summer. Bitches can have trouble giving birth, as happens with English Bulldogs.

Muriel Lee has written a very good introduction to this endearing breed, drawing on her extensive experience of bully breeds. It's clearly written, and gives a very good idea of what it's like to live with a French Bulldog.