Big Dog Breeds


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Dan Rice is a vet and well-known dog author. Here he has written an extremely useful guide to the care and health of big dogs, which is especially useful for its information on how to prevent health and other problems associated with large breeds. The first part of the book gives help on all stages of dog ownership, from finding a breeder, and choosing a pup, to training, health and diet, breeding, and coping with the loss of your dog. Some big dogs tend to have short lives and are prone to particular health problems, especially the giant breeds, so the information in this book is important for anyone who owns or plans to own such a dog.

The second part of the book deals with different big dog breeds, with a breed profile for the most popular breeds. This book is very useful for all dog owners, because there is so much information set out in a clear, common-sense way. Big dog owners have to be especially careful about diet and how the dog eats, to avoid problems that particularly afflict big dogs, like gastric dilation and volvulus. One piece of advice needs to be updated, however, and that is the recommendation for big dogs to be fed using raised bowls - recent thinking has changed, and ground-level bowls are seen as safer. Otherwise, the advice is generally sound and clearly explained in a helpful way.