Magnificent Irish Wolfhound (A Ringpress Dog Book of Distinction)


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Mary McBryde has written a very useful up-to-date reference book for Irish Wolfhound owners, It's a little expensive, but well worth the investment, because the breed needs quite a bit of care to avoid common health problems. This is especially true during puppyhood, since food and exercise are critical to the development of Wolfhounds.

This book is clearly written enough for a novice, and has enough information for experienced owners. It's certainly worth reading if you plan to take on Wolfhounds, since they can cost a lot in feeding and vet bills, and take up a lot of space. Choosing a pup is important, given the prevalence of inherited health problems, and there is help with this. The book is honest about the demands made by the breed, but also helps you cope with them, and conveys the joys of owning an Irish Wolfhound.