Giant Schnauzer (Pet Love)


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Giant Schnauzers are the biggest of the Schnauzer family, and are very similar to Standard Schnauzers. They are better suited to being guard dogs, because of their large size, though they should still be socialized extensively, so that they behave well with visitors. Giant Schnauzers are a little more prone to health problems. Common health problems are similar to those of other Schnauzers, and include hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, cancer, skin disorders including allergies, as well as heart problems and seizures.

This book is a very good guide to Giant Schnauzers, which should interest experienced owners, as well as those new to the breed. There is help with behaviour and training, as well as with general care, including nutrition and health care. The book gives a very clear idea of the Giant Schnauzer character, and is also well-illustrated.