The Other End of the Leash


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Patricia McConnell is an animal behaviorist and zoology professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison, specialising in dog behavioral problems. Here she looks at how dogs see humans and human behavior, as canids seeking to understand primates. She is especially good on ways to use your voice with your dog, and how to play games that will help him behave the way you want. Her views on what makes a good leader are also clearly explained, and she contrasts this with old-fashioned ideas on 'dominating' dogs.

O'Connell is well-known for her work on nervous dogs, and her work is generally well-liked by trainers. She writes clearly, constructs arguments well, and bases her arguments on research and observation. Her passion for dogs also comes across clearly - this book has academic strengths without being dry, and there are plenty of anecdotes to keep you amused and interested.