Ain't Misbehavin': A Good Behaviour Guide for Family Dogs


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David Appleby is well known for his work as a pet behaviour counsellor. He takes a common-sense approach to dog behaviour, which should appeal to most pet owners. Like John Fisher (two of whose books are reviewed below) Appleby stresses that dogs are often seen as behaving badly when they are just doing what dogs like to do, which does not always fit in with what humans want from them!

Appleby and Fisher both stress that it helps to understand dogs' natural behaviour, and to understand how our behaviours and lifestyles might be perceived by dogs, in order to get them to do what we want them to do It's worth reading widely if you find dog behaviour fascinating in itself. Ideas are changing all the time, and there are some areas of disagreement between people working in this field. Dog nuts who are interested in dog behaviour may find that this book presents some ideas with too little discussion. Appeleby has, however, written an extremely useful book for people who just want to know enough of the basics to teach their dogs to be good companions, and this book is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in dog behaviour.