The Dogs of the British Islands - Being a Series of Articles on the Points of their Various Breeds, and the Treatment of the Diseases to which they are Subject


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Don’t be misled by the publication date of 2009, this book was first published in 1867, with later editions, so is a useful source for people interested in the history of dog breeds, rather than a guide to dogs today! ‘The Dogs of the British Isles’ is especially interesting for people researching the history of sporting dogs. Other types of dogs are covered, but people researching humbler working dogs like sheepdogs are less well served. Walsh was inaccurate when it came to breeds that he did not know well, and this applied to most toy breeds. Vets and vet nurses will find it curious to see how veterinary treatment of dogs has changed over time.

John Henry Walsh, also known as ‘Stonehenge’, was a medical doctor, who became successful as an author on hunting dogs. He was editor of The Field magazine from 1857, drawing on his own experience from keeping and training greyhounds and setters for hunting, a sport that he loved. He was also involved in the birth of the modern dog show, as a judge, and a founder member of the Kennel Club. This particular version of a classic reproduces the original illustrations in colour, and the quality of the illustrations makes the book very good value for money.