Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food


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Owners who would rather not worry about what goes into pet food should not read this book!

Ann Martin could be described as an obsessive, though it's easy to understand why, given her account of her dealings with the pet food industry after she experienced problems with commercial dog food. At the very least, this book points to the need for pet owners to ask questions of pet food companies, such as what additives they use, and why, and to tell them about problems we have when we use their products.

Owners often say they switch brands because one brand upsets their dog's stomachs. It's worth telling the companies about this in case they think we don't buy their food because it hasn't enough pretty colours!

This book also points to a need to campaign for better consumer information on cans, so we can make informed decisions on our pets' behalf. This is a consumer issue. Most of us haven't time to make tasty dog meals, so we have to use what the pet food companies supply. Some owners might argue that Ann Martin is not 'scientific' enough. But even if you discount seventy five percent of what she says, it still leaves some awkward questions.

Those readers who assume that the British market is better regulated, so British pets are always offered safe food, could maybe reflect on BSE and the debate on the human food industry!