Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals


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This is a well researched book which covers both raw feeding and homecooked meals for dogs. There is a lot of information on canine nutrition, including the needs of younger and older dogs, and those with medical problems such as kidney disease, heart problems, and digestive system problems. There´s help with preparing meals, and advice on how to give dogs balanced diets.

There are benefits to feeding dogs home-prepared food that you can see in the short term, like better skin, and healthier teeth and gums, and home prepared diets can also help dogs to live longer. Just improvising with leftovers and a few butchers´ scraps isn´t really enough. Owners need information on nutrition and food preparation to be able to prepare nutritionally sound diets that suit their particular dog.

This is probably the best guide around if you are just buying one book on home-prepared food.