Whippet (Pet Love)

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Whippets are a contradictory breed. They look delicate, and can easily suffer injuries because of their thin fur, but they are tough little dogs out in the field, good hunters, and bold. They like running fast, and also curling up next to their owners, preferably lying on something soft. They are good sources of heat in winter. They are generally gentle with people, and can live happily with other dogs, but their peacefulness should not be taken for granted. It may be tempting to keep several of these dogs, because they are small and appear gentle, but fights can still happen in packs, and the more dogs there are, the more dangerous a pack fight can be.

Sensible precautions such as not keeping too many dogs, or same-sex littermates are a good idea, even if your Whippets live together as a peaceful pack, sleeping in a warm heap. Whippets are generally healthy, and a long-lived breed. Their numerous good qualities make them favourites of many people, not just in Northern England!

This book is packed with information about Whippets, including the breed's history, training and general care, and the author is clearly a fan of this engaging breed.