The Lurcher


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Lurchers are not a breed as such, but a cross between greyhounds and other breeds such as collie, terriers, or wolfhounds, so though Lurchers tend to behave like typical sighthounds, they can vary a great deal in their biddability. They do, however, tend to be gentle dogs, so can make good family pets for people with large, enclosed gardens. They generally get on well with other dogs, though since they are crosses, this can vary. Some Lurchers like to do sighthound rushes at other dogs, veering away at the last minute, and this is not always appreciated, though some dogs see this as an invitation to play.

This is a very good guide to Lurchers, which looks at different variations, and is geared to those interested in working Lurchers. There is a lot on the history of the breed, as well as the different sorts of work carried out by Lurchers. Not a book for people worried about dogs catching bunnies!