The Borzoi (The World of Dogs)


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Borzoi are also known as Russian wolfhounds, and may have been originally developed to hunt wolves. They can run extremely fast, and will tend to go deaf if you have them off the lead and they spot animals that they can chase. A safe area for them to exercise is essential.

They are long-haired dogs which shed, and they are large dogs, which can occupy a lot of your sofa, or bed! They are similar to greyhounds in temperament, and can get on well with children and other dogs, though being large and fast movers, it is easy for them to knock smaller children over.

Borzoi aren't especially long-lived, and can suffer from a number of medical problems. These include the common sighthound sensitivity to veterinary phamaceutical products such as anaesthetics, bloat, heart disease, and hip dysplasia.

This book explains the origins of the breed, which helps to understand its special characteristics, and there is also information on the breed in the UK. There is help with choosing and training a Borzoi, as well as showing and breeding. The chapter on puppies is especially useful, since diet and exercise levels are important for their proper development. There is also very useful information on genetics for people wanting to breed Borzois, or research their dog's pedigree.