Beagles for Dummies


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Beagles are popular as pets as well as working dogs. They are designed to live in packs, so tend to get on well with other dogs. They are also gentle with people, and are usually healthy. They are not easy to obedience train, and get bored easily, finding ways of doing what they want rather than what you want them to. Short daily training sessions from when your Beagle is a pup are helpful for ensuring that beagles are reasonably obedient, and they need to have rules clearly and consistently set out.

Children and well trained beagles usually get on well, though children need to be aware that beagles can like rough play, so should not be wound up. Beagles tend to be a bit mouthy, liking to chew a lot, and mouth people, and they need to be taught that mouthing people is not acceptable. Beagles are, however, quite tolerant of children and usually enjoy their company.

One serious disadvantage that owners often report is poor recall - Beagles are prone to picking up a scent, following it, then forgetting where they left their owners! They can also be noisy, and some will bark, bay, and howl, especially when left alone.

Common health problems include epilepsy, hypothyroidism and eye trouble, though generally they are a healthy breed. Susan McCullough's book provides a wealth of information on the breed, including choosing a beagle, puppy care, behaviour and training, health care, and caring for senior beagles..