The Basset Hound Owner's Survival Guide


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Anybody who takes on a basset hound needs a sense of humour. You will really only appreciate the breed if you can laugh with your dog. Basset hounds are very similar to bloodhounds, and both breeds are skilled at drooling.

Basset hounds are natural clowns, with sweet, gentle natures, usually getting on well with other dogs and with children, but they are not the most obedient of dogs. A basset likes to follow its nose, rather than go where you want to walk, and they can get lost following a scent. They can also be very noisy, and may howl if left alone.

Common health problems include hip dysplasia, luxating patella, hypothyroidism, eye trouble, ear infections, bloat. They should also not be allowed to get too fat, or do a lot of jumping, because this puts too much of a strain on their backs. Like Dachshunds, another long-backed, short-legged breed, Hassett Hounds can be difficult to houstrain.

This book captures the pleasures and frustrations of owning a Basset, and is an enjoyable read, as well as being packed with useful tips.