Afghan Hound (Pet Love)

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Afghan hounds are sighthounds with a reputation for being good-looking but not very bright. This is not exactly true - though they are graceful and elegant dogs, which are not keen on obeying commands, such as 'here'! They are very bright when it comes to doing what they want to do, and not doing things they don't want to do. Owners just need to work out how to motivate them.

They are independent, sometimes wary of strangers, and need careful socialisation. They do need exercise in a safe area, and like most sighthounds, are prone to chasing and catching small furry animals. Their long coats need quite a lot of grooming or they can get tangles and mat. Afghans are not the ideal dogs for people with children, because they are a large breed which is not especially sociable, needs a lot of attention, and is sensitive.

These are very sensitive dogs, both to stress and rough treatment, and they can react badly to some chemicals and foods. Afghans also have a more than average susceptibility to cancer, though they are relatively healthy for large breed dogs. This is a good introductory book for new owners of Afghan hounds. The history and character of the breed are well explained, and the book is clearly written and well set out. It's a good introduction for novices, though experienced owners are likely to want more.