Welsh Terrier


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Welsh terriers look like small Airedales, and, like Airedales, tend to be very amiable, cheerful dogs. Welsh terriers are relatively calm and tolerant, so are one of the better terrier breeds for families with children, though they still have that independent terrier streak, which can be a challenge for child handlers, and they are more suitable for families with older children. Welsh terriers learn fast, including learning from their owners inconsistencies, so it's safer to try hard to be consistent from day one!

This breed needs a fair amount of grooming, with occasional attention from a professional groomer. They are also quite high-maintenance in terms of exercise, and need an active life, or they can develop annoying habits, like barking a lot. Some owners have found them to be good agility dogs, so long as they are well-trained in basic obedience beforehand. Generally, Welsh terriers are healthy dogs, though seizures and eye trouble have been found in some lines.

Hugh Owen's guide is a good, up-to-date introduction to the breed, with tips on training and behavioural quirks, as well as advice on basic care, including health care.