Manchester Terrier: A Complete and Reliable Handbook


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Manchester terriers are sleek, black and tan dogs which look like a smaller version of a dobermann. They come in two sizes, the toy, and the standard Manchester terrier. Like dobermanns, they are a short-haired breed, and their coats give them little protection from the elements, though they are easy to groom. They like warmth, and may look at you in disgust if you ask them to go out and pee in very cold, rainy weather. They are also sensitive to heat, so should be protected from extremes of temperature, and given jackets for walks on very cold days.

Manchester terriers love walks, and need a lot of exercise. They are fairly biddable for terriers, and enjoy active sports, like agility, though they need consistent training from the start, since they have the terrier independent streak. This breed can do well with sensible, older children, though they are not the best choice for younger children, since Manchester terriers need careful training, and do not always behave well when let off leash, especially if there are cats around! They are very fast movers, and need extensive training to reinforce recall, before being let off in an agility field. Manchester terriers make good watchdogs, though their barkiness can be an irritant, so it's worth while teaching them when they can stop barking, because you have got the message.

They are generally healthy dogs, though von Willebrands has been found in some lines. Philip Shane's book is a good introduction to the breed. It is well-illustrated, and gives a good guide to the history and care of Manchester terriers, though experienced owners are likely to want a more in-depth guide.