Irish Terrier: A Complete Handbook (Complete Handbook)


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Irish Terriers are a very old breed which has many fans. They look very much like a smaller version of Airedale Terriers, with a solid red, wheaten or yellow colour rather than the Airedale's black saddle, and share a number of similarities with Airedales, but Irish Terriers also have a number of advantages.

Both Irish Terriers and Airedales are lively, bold and affectionate, with a strong streak of independence, and both are versatile breeds, which can take on a range of roles once they are trained. Because Irish Terriers are smaller than Airedales, however, they are less likely to pull you over on walks, and they are generally quieter, or less barky than Airedales. While both breeds can get on well with children, Irish Terriers are easier for children to manage.

Like all terriers, they need exercise, careful training, and socialization. Special care should be taken with socializing them with other dogs, since they have a tendency to pick fights. They should not be allowed to bully other pups in puppy socialization classes! Calm, confident older dogs are often invaluable in teaching canine manners to this breed. Well socialized Irish Terriers can get on well with other dogs, however, especially those from more robust breeds. This breed doesn't shed much, and doesn't need a lot of grooming.

They are generally healthy as a breed, though can suffer from skin complaints and flea allergies. This book is a short introduction to the breed from terrier expert, Muriel Lee. It's a very good introduction to be breed, with nice illustrations, but is a bit pricey for what you get.