Wire Fox Terrier, a Complete Handbook: a Complete Handbook


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Wire-haired Fox Terriers are attractive dogs, which need careful training and a lot of exercise, or they can be very difficult to live with. They can be snappy, very barky, and get involved in altercations with the local dogs. They were designed to harass foxes, and unsocialized Fox Terriers will sometimes harass other dogs. They are also a very active breed, and good at escaping, especially if there is a cat on the other side of the fence. However, they can also be good companions, if they are trained and socialized properly, with house rules set out from when they are pups, and if they get enough exercise.

They can find good canine playmates among the more active breeds, so long as they are properly socialized with other dogs as pups so that they learn good play manners. They are not the best breed for families with children, unless you are prepared to put a serious effort into training them, because of their potential for snappiness and excitability.

Well-trained Wire Haired Fox Terriers can get on very well with sensible children who have been brought into a training programme, and make sure that the dog obeys them. This breed doesn't shed much, and doesn't take a lot of brushing, but does need occasional professional grooming and trimming to look its best. Common health problems include eye trouble, skin complaints, seizures, hypothyroidism, and deafness.

This is a short guide to the breed which is very good as far as it goes, though it is a bit expensive for such a slim volume.