Bedlington Terrier (Pet Love)


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Bedlington Terriers are a very unusual looking breed with a number of fervent devotees. They look very much like lambs, especially with the usual Bedlington trim, which accentuates this resemblance. They have whippet in their ancestry, and are fast-moving dogs. Many people like Bedlingtons for their looks, and because they are quite quiet for terriers, but they can still be barky, and are dogs who like to be active, and can be a handful if they don't get enough exercise. They like hunting, and should only be let off the leash in very safe areas, since their recall is usually non-existent if they spot a rabbit.

They will tend to dig, so make sure that fences go below ground. Bedlingtons can be very good with children, so long as the dogs are trained well in house rules from when they are pups, and the children take part in the training programme, because Bedlington Terriers tend to be quite pushy dogs. They vary in terms of how well they get on with other dogs. Some Bedlingtons are quite relaxed, while others are a bit too bossy for most dogs.

This breed doesn't shed much, but does need a fair amount of grooming and a regular trim. Common health problems include an inherited liver disorder which affects how the body deals with copper, thyroid problems, knee and eye trouble, and allergies. Muriel Lee is a terrier specialist, and her introductory guide to the breed gives a very good overview of what to expect, and how to care for your Bedlington.