Born To Run

born to run

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Born to Run tells the story of a greyhound racing champion as he passes from one owner to another. The story begins with a boy finding a litter of greyhounds which have been tied in a bag and left to drown. He saves the litter, and, after a struggle with his parents, is allowed to keep one of the pups. All is going well, and then the greyhound is stolen, and enters a new life as a champion racer. He finds friendship with another child in his new life, but his safety depends on his being able to win races.

This is a story for older children, say ten years and up, and adults. Michael Morpurgo's books work for adults, because they are so beautifully written. Be warned though, this book is very sad in places, and though it is a book that many children will enjoy reading, some may become very sad at the injustice in the world.