The Hard Way

hard way

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Carol Lea Benjamin is a dog trainer and author, who writes mystery stories as well as dog books. The heroine is Rachel Alexander, a private investigator, who has a well-trained pit bull called Dashiell. In this novel, Rachel has to work undercover with homeless people in New York, and Dasheill is with her as companion and helper.

This is Carol Lea Benjamin's ninth book featuring Rachel as heroine, and, like previous novels featuring Rachel, the book is well-crafted, and is an enjoyable, relaxing read. There is no attempt to shock readers with accounts of unpleasant ways to die, we just have the painstaking building up of evidence by the heroine, until the identity of the murderer becomes clear. There are asides on how different life is in New York if you are homeless, but this is not a tract for social reform, simply a good read for people who notice the world around them. It is also a plus for the heroine to have a canine sidekick if you like dogs!