The Hungarian Vizsla (The World of Dogs)


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Hungarian Vizslas are elegant pointers, which have also been used as retrievers. They are active, affectionate dogs, who both like daily walks with their owners, and need company - they like to follow their owners round the house. They do involve a big commitment because of their need for company and exercise. They are good retrievers, and can learn to retrieve in your garden, so that they can be given ball games in an emergency if you are unable to take them out.. They are quite easy to train, because they are affectionate and want to please, and they can take part in a range of activities, including agility. Vizslas are generally good with children, though, as a relatively large breed, they can knock small children over, especially when they are younger and more boisterous. Vizslas also generally get on well with other dogs. They don't need much grooming, but they can be quite barky.

Common Vizsla health problems include sensitivity to chemicals, including veterinary pharmaceutical products such as anaesthetics, and they are also prone to hip dysplasia, cancer, hypothyroidism, von Willebrands, eye trouble, and seizures. Vizslas also tend to feel the cold, and may be a little reluctant to go for last night walks without a coat, on really nasty nights!

This book is an updated version of a classic text on Vizslas. It is full of sensible advice for anyone considering a Vizsla puppy, as well as tips for new and experienced owners. There is comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Vizsla ownership, including gundog training and ringcraft. It's also a very well illustrated guide to the breed.