Gordon Setter (Pet Love)


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Gordon Setters are black and tan setters which are very similar to Irish and English Setters, though Gordons are generally more robust, less skittish, and need a little less grooming because their coats are not so long. Gordons are sometimes passed by in favour of their more elegant cousins, the English and the Irish Setters, but they have a lot to recommend them.

They are generally the easiest of the setters to train because they are calmer, while sharing the affectionate nature of the other two breeds. Gordons are still high-energy dogs needing a lot of exercise, and training does require patience and persistence. Recall can be a problem, so they need a lot of practice in this from when they are pups in your garden, and a safe area, well away from traffic, in order to run off leash.

Setters are good retrievers, and enjoy playing ball games, though they need to be taught to sit before you throw the ball, so they don't get overenthusiastic. They can be very good with children, because they are an affectionate breed, though they are a little too lively for smaller children. It's important to teach them to greet people with all four paws on the ground from when they are pups. They can be quite barky, especially if they don't have enough exercises. They are good watchdogs, but can be very affectionate with strangers, and don't make good guard dogs.

Common health problems include hip dysplasia, bloat, hypothyroidsim and eye trouble. This guide to Gordon Setters is book is well illustrated, and covers the history and character of Gordons, as well as the breed standard. There is also advice on training and general care, including health care. It is a good introductory guide, though there is little to interest more experienced owners, apart from the nice pictures!