English Setter (Petlove)

eng setter

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English Setters are very elegant dogs, with flecked or solid coats. They are high-maintenance dogs, needing a lot of grooming and exercise. English Setters tend not to be as skittish as Irish Setters, though neither are they as calm as Gordon Setters.

All three setter breeds are good at scenting game, and are active dogs that need a few miles walk every day, or they are likely to become difficult. They are not entirely trustworthy off leash, since they like to follow scents, so they should only be let off well away from traffic.

Generally, all three types of Setter are affectionate, and good with both children and other dogs, though they are quite large, and can easily knock children over, so small children and Setters need supervision. Rough games should also be discouraged from when they are pups, as should jumping up.

Bloat can be a problem for setters, as with any large breed dog, and hip dysplasia can also affect the breed. English setters which are white are more likely to suffer from skin problems, such as allergies.

This is a very good introductory guide to the breed, which is clearly written, and gives good coverage of the basics such as the history of the breed, breed characteristics, general care and training, and it is well illustrated.