German Shorthaired Pointers: Complete Pet Owners' Manual


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German Shorthaired Pointers have become more popular than English pointers, and are generally more robust. They are affectionate and versatile dogs. Though German Shorthairs lack the sweetness of English Pointers, being a bit pushier and rougher looking, they are less likely to be shy in the way that English Pointers can be, and they are still very elegant dogs. German Shorthaired Pointers are also outdoors dogs, which need a lot of exercise, or they can become too lively and noisy for comfort.

They like being with people, so are not good dogs to leave home alone all day, since some can rearrange your home if they are isolated.. Owners should be prepared to take them out every day, whatever the weather - though it's important to regulate the exercise of pups, so they grow properly. This breed is very trainable, though a little more patience is needed than with a Golden or Labrador Retriever, since the breed can be a little independent .

Are German Shorthaired Pointers good with children? Generally, yes, though they are quite large dogs, which can easily knock small children over. Individuals of this breed usually get on well with other dogs. They are good watchdogs because they are quite barky, and can be wary of strangers, but are not especially good as guard dogs.

Their forte is as versatile working gundogs, and they are good retrievers and trackers. Pet owners can benefit from reading about the work they were designed to do, so as to understand their pets better.

Health problems that can affect the breed include hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, bloat, and von Willebrands, but, despite this long list, the breed is generally healthy! This introductory guide to the breed covers general care, behaviour, and training, and provides a history of the breed. It is a good book for a novice pet owner who wants to understand the potential of the breed, though owners of working dogs are likely to want more detailed training advice.