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Britannys, formerly known as Brittany Spaniels have more in common with pointers than true spaniels, and the 'spaniel' part of their former name has been dropped. They are particularly useful as bird dogs, and enjoy retrieving from water. They are especially popular in their native France, as well as the US, and deserve to be better known in the UK.

Brittanys tend to be smaller in France than in the US, but even in the US, they are smaller than pointers and setters, and their relatively small size makes travelling easier. They are quite easy to train, so long as owners are consistent, and usually get on well with other dogs, so they are an excellent choice for active owners who want a companion, as well as owners who want a working dog. However, Britannys do need commitment to daily walks and something interesting to do, or they can become a little neurotic, or be tempted to wander off. It is well worth investing time in advanced training with this breed, whether or not you want a hunting dog, because the rewards are so great.

Is the breed good with kids? Brittany Spaniels can find boisterous children a little overwhelming, but they are excellent companions for sensible, older children who take training seriously.

This book is a useful introduction to the breed, though it is geared more to pet owners than to people who want to hunt with Brittanys. If you want to bring out the best in your dog, it is well worth learning about the advanced skills you can teach through gundog training, while your treasure is still a pup.