The Wolf Within


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If you haven´t read any Shaun Ellis, this is the book to start with. If you have, you may already know this book under its original title, The Man Who Lives With Wolves, which has now been published again under this new title. So beware, this isn't a new book of his, just a new title!

Shaun Ellis came from Norfolk, England, and travelled to the US, where he studied wolves. He decided to live a very spartan life among wolves back in England, and this is his story, with observations of what he has seen. He links wolf behaviour with that of dogs. While what he says is very interesting, it's worth remembering that dogs do differ from wolves in many ways, and some dogs are more wolf-like than others. This means that wolves don't provide all the keys to unlocking the mysteries of canine behaviour. However, it's a gripping tale which gives you many insights into wolves, and you can't help admiring Shaun Ellis´s grit and determination.