Smellorama! - Nose games for your dog

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Smellorama! is a book that makes scent work accessible for most owners. It´s easy to follow, and well-illustrated. There are other more specialist books on scent work, this book on 'nose games' is geared to novice owners who are trying out the activities for fun. It´s pretty good for a pet owner´s guide, and has games with different levels of difficulty. Your dog may well learn some very useful skills, and surprise you by how much he can do. There´s also a lot in this book that helps to understand dogs better, for example how they try to give us information. On the plus side, this is a book that most pet dog owners will enjoy using, because dogs love to use their noses. However, people who want to take up scent work seriously really need to work with a trainer who has a good track record in the field they want to specialise in. It's too easy to teach dogs habits that can later cause problems if you try to go it alone. So, as a fun book for pet owners, Smellorama has great merit, but people aiming for serious scent work, need a more specialist book and a trainer.