Practical Scent Dog Training


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Lue Button has written a very accessible book for anyone interested in scent dog training, whether tracking, trailing or air scenting. This is a practical guide which you can use for working on your own, or with a friend.. It is full of common-sense advice, such as the need to develop your powers of observation and discover how your dog tries to communicate with you. The first six chapters are helpful for all owners, and go a long way towards helping people to develop canine skills, and a better relationship between dog and owner. There are useful preliminary exercises for pups, useful for all pups, not just those destined to become professional scent dogs.

The bulk of the book comprises lesson plans for different types of scent work. The lesson plans are clearly set out, with good illustrations in the form of line drawings. There is enough information to help experienced scent dog people who are encountering problems with a particular book. The joy of this book, however, is that is is an eye-opener for any owner who wants to do interesting activities with their dog. Highly recommended, a gem of a book.