To the rescue

Newfoundland dogs are trained to rescue humans from water

source: Justine Hankins
Guardian Weekend October 18 2003 p83

Newfoundland dogs were bred to work in the sea off Newfoundland, carrying catches, or pulling boats. They are large, strong and placid dogs, with double-layered coats giving good insulation, and skin between their toes.

Newfound Friends is an organization that organizes rescues using this breed, and helps train lifeguards working at the Cotswold Water Park.Newfoundland dogs like to get muddy and wet. The dogs were originally used to carry cargo, but instinctively helped humans in trouble, and were reknowned for these life-saving feats by the early 19th century. They still perform a role as life-savers in the US, France, and some other countries. They can be taught to turn over unconscious people so their heads are above the water level. Newfoundland dogs have also been taught to jump from helicopters.