Nobody's fool

Special needs of collies

source: Linda Capel and Tony Brenton
Wag Spring 2000
starts p8, 2 pages long

Collies are working dogs that appear in sheepdog trials and other roles. Many are abandoned every year, and cared for by the National Canine Defence League in Britain. Collie puppies look appealing, but this breed needs a lot of effort and time. They are intelligent and athletic, and need to have something to do or they will find their own amusements. Dominant collies need firm leadership, while timid collies can be handled more gently. Collies like to herd and sometimes nip, so they may not be suitable for families with many pets or very young children. They learn fast, and this includes learning bad habits.

Collies are not easy dogs, but they are challenging and exciting. They need fun and action, as well as training, and they are happiest when they are using their special skills.