Honey, I shrunk the dog

Benefits of having a small dog

source: Justine Hankins
Guardian Weekend July 6 2002 p71

There are many people who are prejudiced against small dogs, especially the toy breeds, seeing them as yappy and silly, and not 'proper' dogs. Tough little breeds like Jack Russells and Westies seem to be the exception. Some people believe dogs should look butch, so would be very embarrassed to go out in public with a dog with ribbons and long silky hair. Small dogs have been associated with pop stars, women who are unable to express maternal instincts in other ways, and overprivileged ladies. Yet dogs should not be seen as reflecting owners' testosterone levels. These prejudices also seem strong in big cities in Britain than in many other European capitals, and smaller dogs are better suited to city life.

Small dogs do things that other dogs do, like chase squirrels, bark at postmen, and love their owners unconditionally. They also have benefits such as not needing as much space, and not stealing from tables. They don't pull as hard when they are on the lead, and are not likely to be involved in fatal dog bite cases. Small dogs are the tops.